GPS Based Vehicle Tracking & Logistics Management Solutions
Wireless Technologies has become a global leader in the manufacturing, integration and implementation of intelligent fleet management solutions, including GPS tracking, fleet tracking, personal tracking, public safety, security, asset tracking, job/message dispatch, telematics and wireless signalling products.
Vehicle Tracking System can lead to increased efficiency, productivity and accountability of your transportation assets. Implementing VTS will result in reducing operational costs, improving customer service and enhancing security for both your drivers and vehicles.

Below are Some of its outstanding Features:
  1. Safety
  2. Speed Monitoring
  3. Geo Fencing
  4. SMS alert on movement outside pre-designated work period
  5. Increases Efficiency & Saves Cost
  6. Real time vehicle monitoring
  7. Optimize Routing
  8. Accurate fuel records
  9. Helps to Serve Customers better On time
  10. Delivery Dispatch Integration
  11. Pay-as-you-go Model
  12. Access from anywhere, anytime
  13. No investment on software
  14. No Operational & maintenance cost
  15. Just in Time reports
  1. Security as per the highest norms and standards
  2. Customizable Alerts and Reminders through SMS & E-Mail
  3. Android Version Support
  4. Vehicle management
  5. Vehicle details
  6. Driver details
  7. Service details, FC and Insurance details
  8. Accident details
  9. Fuel log
  10. Engine Oil Maintenance
  11. Vehicle tracking solution
  12. Current location
  13. Nearest vehicle
  14. Travel history
  15. Booking
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