ViNotion People Counting
The ViNotion People Counting system automatically counts people that pass the camera image and is suited for both indoor and outdoor usage. The system is perfectly suitable for the counting of people in great numbers, for example during events, in shopping centres, in city centres, at airports and railway stations. In contrast to existing people counting systems, the ViNotion system works under all weather conditions. The analysis algorithm counts passing people and is not influenced by other moving objects such as cars. Even people that walk close together or behind each other are distanced. The system is continuously operational. Statistical information about the flow of people is very important for both marketing information and for security applications.
Reports with counting information are automatically generated and presented in a user-friendly format. In addition, the counting information can be easily integrated in an existing data management system. The time resolution of the counting data can be configured, whereby the number of people over the period of a week, day or hour can easily be seen. Recent counting data can be compared to historical data (e.g. last week, last year).
The privacy of people that are counted is well guaranteed. The software calculates the number of people from the camera images and then directly removes the image. Only the extracted counting information is stored, however the images are deleted immediately. When the camera images are also used for security purposes, those are only available for the qualified organisations.
Indoor & outdoor counting
The ViNotion People Counting system accurately counts people indoors, such as in shopping centers, inside stores, airports, railway stations and museums. Multiple counting cameras can be connected to a single analysis server to save on cost and power efficiency. In contrast to most other people counting systems, the ViNotion system is fully capable of counting people outdoors in city centres, shopping streets, or even at large events. In order to count outdoor, the ViNotion People Counting system uses the ruggedized outdoor analysis hardware. This system is specially designed to operate under all-weather conditions and under extreme temperature variations.
Temporary Counting
In certain cases it is interesting to count people only temporarily. When constructing a new shop or shoppingcentre, it can be meaningful to evaluate the value of different streets or locations before deciding on the specific construction location. The rent of a shop can be increased if it is known that many people pass by every day. The ViNotion People Counting system can be leased for a limited time to count people temporarily. The counting camera is connected to the ruggedized outdoor analysis hardware and to a wireless (UMTS) modem for remote access
The installation is very simple and with the mobile detection system, counting measures can be quickly deployed. By using existing cable and electrical systems, no structural changes are required. The wireless system version for temporary counting limits installation effort to a minimum. The camera is installed under a tilted angle, which enables broad selection of installation positions.
Single camera counts people in crowds
Video surveillance possible with the same camera
High accuracy by detection and counting of individual persons
Simple installation
Suitable for indoor and outdoor operation and resistant to all weather conditions (sun, shadow, rain)
Only counts people, no other moving objects
Camera is installed in tilted angle which enables broad selection of installation positions
Counting continuously and temporarily
During events
In shopping centres
In shopping streets
In city centres
At airports
At railway stations
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