Intrusion Detection
Intrusion Detection
Independent of weather and light conditions due to long-wave optical (thermal) camera sensors
Allowing integration with an existing CCTV system with already installed cameras
Remote sensing so no poles, wires or equipment needed at the property border
Observation and alarm verification from any computer on-site, at home or from an alarm control centre
Image collection for evidence and crime investigation
Product overview
Surveillance for security
  • Industries : industrial estate
  • Public transportation : copper thiefs, graffity, vandalism
  • Utilities : terrorism, environmental activist
Visual sensors capture high amount of information
  • Visual verification is inherently available
  • Many properties can be used to classify an event : Object size, speed, colour,shape, behaviour
  • Event filtering allows flexible alarm rules on the type of object, behavior of the trespasser
Flexible placement of virtual fences, no need for physical fences
Thermal cameras for robust detection
Thermal cameras for more robustness
  • Video remains equal during night & day
  • No active lighting required
  • Long range (up to 400m) requires less cameras suitable for e.g. surveillance of oil pipes
  • Insensitive to shadows, head lights, backlight, etc.
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